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Mille Miglia 2010

Mille Miglia 2010

The most prestigious road race in the world is approaching once again, and preparations are underway at Post Vintage.

The Mille Miglia 2010 is to be held on 5 to 9 May this year and will see the 375 accepted cars travel from Brescia to Rome and back crossing the seven regions of Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, the Marches, Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany.

This year’s route will see the cars start in the crowded streets of Viale Venezia in Brescia and travel to Bologna, passing through Solferino, on day one. The second day will take the cars from Bologna to Rome, taking in San Marino, Spoleto and the mountain roads of Terminillo along the way. There is incredible scenery, especially from the mountain roads, which are included again due to popular demand.

The third leg is the longest and also the most mentally challenging, as it is faced after the previous two days of gruelling driving and navigating. The cars commence their journey in the early morning in the centre of Rome and head back to Brescia. The old towns of Parma and Cremona feature on this route as do the historic elements of the journey, featured in the original races, the Futa and Raticosa Passes.

Whilst every town which falls on the route has its own traditions, history and memories of the Mille Miglia gone by, the competitors in each year’s event, this year being the 81st, will create their own whilst reliving the past.

Adrian Johnson and Terry Bramall will be competing once again. Whilst they competed together in last year’s event, finishing in 154th place, this year will see them go head to head! Terry and his wife Liz are entered in the Jaguar C Type, driven with great success last year, whilst Adrian and his wife Clare are entered in a Jaguar D Type. Both cars are travelling with the Jaguar Heritage team and will be supported once again by Post Vintage Workshop Manager, Trevor Hill.

We will keep you updated with the preparation of the cars for their epic journey of the coming weeks and of course, with news from Italy during the event itself.

For further details of the Mille Miglia, visit the official website






Published: Wednesday, 7th April 2010 at 4:25pm

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